Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Critter Crossing

I went for a walk around my neighborhood today and decided to go down a road I had never been on. I came across this sign nestled in some brush that shielded a house from the curb. Poor Jethro must have lost his life as he ran out into the road.

It made me think of my poor kitty Cleo, whom I loved so dearly, but died ten years ago. She did not get run over by a passing car, but was very sick instead. I loved that cat so much that even today while I am writing this and thinking of her I have to fight back the sadness and it makes me want to cry. I suppose it is pretty silly to still have that attachment after so long.

So on behalf of Cleo, Jethro and all the other animals that are forever loved and missed. Please drive down the road with an eye out for animals and kept your pets at home safe and warm.


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